Dental extractions are a common procedure carried out by Dental surgeons, which usually involves removing teeth with various instruments such as forceps and elevators, under local anaesthetic. However, if patients are particularly anxious or nervous, are very young and uncooperative, or have special needs, the extractions may be carried out under conscious sedation or general anaesthesia. Dental extractions are normally required for very badly decayed or injured teeth that cannot be restored by other means. They can also be carried out as part of orthodontic treatment, where teeth are removed to make space for other teeth to grow or move into.
Sometimes the teeth may be difficult to extract because of their positions and/or angulations, or may be very badly decayed, or not fully erupted, and a surgical extraction might be carried out where a flap of gum is lifted and bone is usually removed to make the tooth easier to see and extract.


Other minor surgical procedures like Periodontal surgeries

Gingivectomy : A minor surgery done under local anesthesia for enlarged and malformed gums to enhance the health and beauty of smile.

Flap Surgery : A minor surgical procedure where tooth root is cleaned of all the infectious material and diseased tissues after raising a small part of overlying gums under LA.

Periodontal Bone Grafting Procedures : Flap surgery combined with the placement of various natural and artificial bone, where the tooth has been severely weakened by bone loss by periodontal disease.

Guided Tissue Regenerations : Where in some artificial barrier materials are used with purpose of stimulating bone growth in a guided manner.

Muco gingival surgeries (perio plastic procedure) : These surgical procedures are aimed at either enhancing the esthetics of mouth by enlarging tooth root coverage etc. or to enhance the successful outcome of rest of periodontal surgical procedure

ALVEOLOPLASTY : Alveoloplasty is surgical procedure where the alveolar ridges are shaped and smoothened in preparation of denture fixation after removal of several teeth.

FRENECTOMY : Frenectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the 'frenulum', done mostly for orthodontic purposes, usually inside the middle of the upper lip or under the tongue. It is performed in both adults and children routinely by Dental Surgeons.