Individuals worried about the appearance of their smile while they are waiting for permanent dentures to be manufactured could benefit from a fast approach available from smile galleria.
Same Day Immediate Dentures could provide the perfect solution for patients who need teeth removed but do not wish to be without their teeth with the installation of immediate dentures immediately after teeth are extracted.
Following a short period of wearing these natural-looking, aesthetic fittings, a patient’s gums and bone are given time to heal, which allows a dentist to create the new permanent dentures.

What does the Immediate denture process entail?

Initially we will assess your teeth to make sure that an immediate denture is the right treatment for you. If it is, we will then take impressions of your teeth and ask the dental laboratory to produce your custom made immediate denture. If the immediate denture is small (i.e. replacing 1-3 teeth), the laboratory can produce the denture without any further information. If the immediate denture is going to be longspan, then the laboratory will also need a registration of your bite.

For smaller dentures, the Laboratory need around 2-3 hours for the immediate denture to be made, for larger dentures they may need 2-3 days for the denture to be made. Once the denture is ready, we will then remove the tooth/teeth that need to be removed and the immediate denture is fitted immediately after the teeth are removed, this way you will never be without teeth. You may need to come back to the clinic after a few days for the immediate denture to be reviewed and any adjustments needed carried out.

Once the teeth are removed, your gums and bone will naturally remodel and shrink. This means that in time (around 6-12 months), your immediate denture will no longer fit your mouth as well as it did on day one. After 6-12 months we may need to carry out a simple reline procedure for your immediate dentures to improve its fit.

Once the gum tissue is fully rejuvenated, patients will undergo a simple procedure to replace the short-term immediate dentures with their permanent counterparts, which will look more natural and be comfortable to wear. Patients who find their immediate dentures very comfortable, may choose to just reline it rather than replace it with a permanent denture.

How do I look after my Immediate denture?

During the first 24 hours after Immediate Dentures are fitted by your smile galleria practitioner, it is vital to ensure the installations remain in place. Although the gums may bleed slightly in this time, this is to be expected and should cease in a matter of hours.

Patients should ensure they remove the fixtures between four and five times per day during the initial process to clean away any remaining debris or blood caused by the procedure. Keeping the dentures clean is imperative to reducing the risk of developing infections following the removal of teeth, during a time when the gums will be fragile. Your dentist will recommend a review appointment to the practice throughout the healing process to ensure the gums remain in the optimum condition.