Patients worried about what to do if their dentures broken or damaged. Broken Denture repairs can be done with in 24 hours at Smile Galleria.
Damage is most commonly caused by dropping the dentures when they are being inserted or removed and living without a denture may prove difficult for people who have become accustomed to the aesthetics that dentures provide.

In addition, excessive pressure on dentures caused by everyday wear and tear cold result in them becoming increasingly prone to breakages. Moreover, people who grind their teeth could put their dentures under excessive strain that could ultimately result in denture fracture.

Can all broken dentures be repaired?

Depending on the extent of the damage, dentures can often be repaired. Firstly our dentist will assess your broken denture to see if your denture can be repaired. Normally if a denture is cracked into two/three pieces, it can usually be repaired. However if a denture has broken into many pieces, it may not be possible to repair the denture.
If the denture can’t be repaired, we can usually make a new immediate denture on the same day so that you will not be left without teeth.
Those who have worn the same dentures for a number of years may be advised to seek a replacement denture especially if they have been broken on a number of previous occasions. A remake of the denture is often recommended when individuals have had teeth added to their dentures several times before and the dentures have become uncomfortable as a result.
If dentures become broken due to everyday wear and tear, your smile galleria practitioner recommends keeping all the pieces together until an appointment is booked.

How do I ensure my dentures do not break?

  • Taking increased care when handling dentures is vital to ensuring they are not accidentally broken. Standing over a sink of water during removal or insertion could be a useful tip for people worried about the cost of repairs.
  • Also its worth having a special denture care box for your denture and keeping your denture in that box when its not being worn. This keeps the denture safe and also hygienic.
  • There may be the need to remove bone to improve the look of your teeth. This is a simple procedure.
  • Individuals who find that their dentures have broken for whatever reason, should contact smile galleria as soon as possible and let the receptionist know that they wish to have a denture repair carried out and specify if they wish to have the repair carried out on the same day.